How do I set up a webhook?

(If you're a developer, the Developers page has the information you're looking for.)

The first step is to create a webhook in your account with Posting, Webhooks, Add New Webhook in the menu. Take note of the red URL of the webhook. You will need that later.

The second step is to register a free account at

Once logged in to your account, do the following:

  1. Click My Applets in the top menu.
  2. Click the New Applet button.
  3. Click the blue this of "if this then that".
  4. Click the service that you want to use as a source.
  5. Click the trigger that you want to activate.
  6. Follow the prompts of the service until you're back at the "if this then that" page.
  7. Click the blue that of "if this then that".
  8. In the choose action service box type webhook and press Enter.
  9. Click the Webhooks box.
  10. Click the Make a web request box.
  11. You're now at the Complete action fields page.
  12. Copy and paste your full webhook URL into the URL field.
  13. Set the Method field to POST.
  14. Set the Content Type field to application/json.
  15. Copy and paste the code below from the JSON Body section below into the Body field.
  16. Replace the REPLACE text by using the Add ingredient button below the Body field. Do not remove any of the quotes characters. (The "ingredient" will vary depending on the source that you chose in the this step above.)
  17. Click the Create action button.
  18. Click the Finish button.

The applet may take up to several hours before it starts doing its work. Use the Activity entry in the top menu to see if the applet has run or not.


Select the code depending on the social network that your webhook is publishing to.

  • Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter:
    "body": "REPLACE"
  • Tumblr,,
    "title": "REPLACE",
    "body": "REPLACE"

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