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Boost your productivity with advanced post scheduling tools. We help individuals and teams.

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Awesome benefits

For individuals

Manage your own social posting, and those of your clients, in one account. Easily partition client data with the team feature and tags.

For teams

Add associates to your account, assign privileges, and organize them in teams. Authorize teams to work on selected social profiles and blogs. Configure post approval where required.

Social posts
  • Discord channels
  • Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Mastodon profiles
  • Pinterest boards
  • Reddit subreddits
  • StockTwits profiles
  • Twitter profiles
Blog posts
  • Shopify blogs
  • Tumblr blogs
  • blogs
  • blogs
Precise scheduling

Schedule posts to publish at a specific date and time of your choice, in the time zone of your choice.

Post queues

Automatically feed your social networks and blogs from post queues that never run dry, according to fixed or variable schedules, and optional seasonal windows.

RSS feeds

Automatically create social and blog posts from RSS feed entries, with optional keyword filtering.


Automatically create social and blog posts from services such as, or your own service or app using our webhooks API.

Bulk uploading

Craft posts on your computer and bulk upload them for scheduling or queues. Images and videos cannot be bulk uploaded.

Self-destructing posts

Avoid confusing followers with outdated information by creating posts that self-destruct after a period of time.

Post flood control

Be safe with automated publishing limits that prevent you from accidentally posting too frequently. Keep your followers informed without annoying them.

Your content only

Have peace of mind that we never add anything to your content, period. We only publish the content that you created or sourced.

Post tags

Tag your posts so that you and your team can easily find and group them.

Affordable pricing

Choose a payment plan that fits your needs and budget. Low monthly and annual payment options are available. Have peace of mind with 30-day self-service refunds. No questions asked.

30-Day free trial

Try our premier offering with a no-obligation 30-day free trial. See what works for you for free.

Cancel anytime

No long-term contracts or commitments. Cancel your payments at any time. Your cancelled account remains active until the paid period expires.

We're very good at this

We've been providing scheduled social posting services since 2008. In fact, we were one of the very first users of the Twitter API. Our users love us and stay with us for a very long time. Our customer service is stellar, with us being in the top 5% according to the statistics provided by ZenDesk.

We're not beholden to shareholders or investors. The satisfaction of our customers and always improving our outstanding service are our masters. We're proudly Canadian.

What our customers say

"SocialOomph is an essential part of my marketing and general tweeting and I personally think its wonderful," Ducted Vacuum Shop wrote.

"Wow! That was fast. You guys are so responsive and so awesome. Thank you!," Jody wrote.

"I am super happy with SocialOomph. It's made my tweeting experience so much more enjoyable and easy to manage. And the customer service is amazing!" Debbie wrote.

"The time-limited tweet feature is so useful! No more outdated information that confuses customers," Mary wrote.