How do I get started using the service?

Welcome to!

Scroll through the sections below for basic instructions to help you maximize the benefit you get from our service. We offer many powerful features. Feel free to explore. You won't break anything! :-)

Explore the menus

The menu system (the black bar at the top of the page) is grouped by the core functions of our service. Under each core function you will find sub-functions. For example, click Social Networks, Social Profiles in the menu. You'll then see a submenu with functions specifically related to managing social network accounts.

Set your time zone

Use My Account, Edit Profile to select the time zone and preferred date format that must be in force on your account.

Understanding teams

The team concept is very important. With a free account you start off with one team on your account, called "Personal Area". When you purchase one of the paid access licenses, an additional team is added to your account. Once there is more than one team on your account (My Account, Manage Teams), you can choose the team that you want to currently work on with Active Team in the menu. Each team has certain privileges, depending on which access license(s) you purchased.

Setting the active team determines the social networks and/or blogs for which you can schedule posts. Each function that is influenced by the active team has a colored "Team Member" line between the black menu and the page heading. Functions that are not influenced by the active team has either nothing or a colored "Super User" line between the menu and the page heading.

Configure your account

You will need to connect your social account(s) or blog(s) before you can schedule posts for them. Use Social Networks, Social Profiles in the menu to start that process.

For most social network you will first need to create an application in the developers section of the social network website that you want to connect to. This function is available at Social Networks, Network Apps in the menu. If you created Facebook applications for the legacy version of our service, then you can use the same applications for this new version.

Upgrade your account

Review the pricing page and use My Account, Purchase Access License to upgrade to the desired functionality.

Changing your password and other settings

Use My Account in the menu bar. That exposes all the user account management functions.

How to do a simple Twitter setup

  1. Connect your Twitter account. [more]. If you purchased an access license, make sure to associate the Twitter account with that access license by selecting the license on this connect form.
  2. Set your active team to the same one that is associated with the Twitter account.
  3. Schedule one-off tweets. If you want to have automatically recurring tweets, then review the queues help section on how to do that.

Explore the online help

Select Help, Self-Help Center in the menu to access the online help. Also look for a large question mark to the right of some of page headers. Clicking the question mark shows you context-sensitive help for that particular page that you're viewing.

Looking for automated DMs?

We do not provide any automated DM services. We used to, but we removed those offerings from our service several years ago. Any references on the web to those services are outdated.

Ask for help

Select Help, Send Support Request in the menu to ask for help if you get stuck or are unsure of anything. We're here to help you!

Self-Help Center
Cannot find the answer to your question? Create a support ticket for personalized support by our staff.