How do I form teams that help me schedule and manage posts?

To form teams of people to help you manage your posting, you need the following on your account:

  • A Business Suite License.
  • One Business Suite Associate Expansion License for each individual that you want to add to your account as an associate. The person does not need to pay anything to be an associate of your account..
  • One Business Suite Team Expansion License for each additional team that you want to create, above the one team that is included in the Business Suite License.

To invite people to act as your associates, do the following:

  • Use My Account, Manage Associates in the menu.
  • Use Invite New Associate in the submenu.

The person will receive an email with a link to the invitation, where they can choose to accept or reject the invitation. The person does not need to first register a SocialOomph account. Registering a free user account is part of the invitation acceptance process. If the person already has an existing user account, she needs to log in to the account before visiting the invitation URL in the email.

There is no limit to the number of people that you can add as associates. There is also no limit to the size of a team. An associate can be a member of an unlimited number of teams.

Once a person accepted your invitation, you can upgrade or downgrade their access privileges at will, and you can add them to or remove them from teams as required.

An associate cannot see or work on posts that belong to profiles that are not assigned to the team(s) to which the associate belongs.

An associate only needs a basic free user account.

They are free to upgrade their user account, add and manage their own profiles and posts, and invite their own associates, provided that they purchase the necessary licenses on their account. Upgrading their own user account does not affect their status as your associate and the privilege level you assigned to them on your account. Their associates do not have access to your account, and cannot see anything from your account.

The upgraded functions that an associate have access to due to your Business Suite License do not carry over into their own user account. In other words, if they only have the basic free user account, they only have access to the Personal Suite functions for the purposes of their own profiles and posts.

An associate of yours can also be an associate of many other people. It does not affect your account and the privileges assigned by you in any manner.

You can assign one of the following team privilege levels to an associate (in other words, an associate can have different privileges on different teams):

  • Content Approver
  • Author No Approval Needed
  • Author Approval Needed
  • Read Only

You can change the assigned privilege level of an associate at any time. You can also remove the person as a member of the team at any time. To terminate your relationship with the person as an associate, remove them from your list of associates.

Only you, as the account owner, can work on profiles, RSS feeds, queue configurations, and bulk post functions. Your associates can only work with individual posts. For example, only you can bulk upload posts, or bulk delete posts.

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