What do I need to know as an associate of someone else?

When you accept the associate invitation from someone, you will have certain privileges on the team to which you have been assigned.

  • Content Approver: You are able to approve posts that were created by other members of the team.
  • Author No Approval Required: You are able to create, modify, and delete posts for the team and your actions don't require approval by someone else.
  • Author Approval Required: You are able to create and modify posts for the team, and the posts that you saved must be approved by someone else before they will be published.
  • Read Only: You cannot create or change any content, but you can see all the posts that belong to the team.

To be an associate of someone else, all you need is a basic free user account. Being an associate does not cost you anything.

You are welcome to upgrade your own user account, and to even invite associates of your own. That does not affect your status and privileges as an associate of someone else.

The upgraded functions that you have access to as an associate apply only to the posts that belong to the other person's team of which you are a member. Those functions do not transfer over to your own posts in your own user account.

You can be an associate of an unlimited number of other people.

Use Active Team in the menu to switch your posts view and privileges to each team as desired.

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