What is your refund policy?

We offer an iron-clad 30-day refund period on all payments. No questions asked.

On credit card payments 100% of the payment amount is refunded.

On Bitcoin payments 50% of the number of Bitcoin is refunded. This is to cover the costs of the manual refund process.

Credit Card Refunds

To obtain a refund, please use My Account, Manage Access Licenses in the menu.

Click the Transactions entry in the black hamburger menu of the relevant access license, and then click the Refund entry in the black hamburger menu of the payment transaction.

If the payment transaction does not have a Refund entry, it means the payment is older then 30 days and falls outside our refund period.

Bitcoin Refunds

Please send us a support request to request a refund. Bitcoin refunds must be processed manually.

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