Why do I see negative amounts in my commissions and payments?

A negative amount in your list of commissions or payments means that there was a customer refund, payment reversal, or lost dispute on a credit card payment.

The corresponding commission amount on these transactions are deducted from your commissions by means of a negative amount entry that offsets the positive commission amount entry.

These reversals normally take place in your list of Currently Outstanding commissions because refunds, which represent the largest percentage of reversals, take place within the first 30 days of the transaction.

Lost disputes on credit card payments can occur more than 35 days after the date of the original transaction. In this case the commission amount would already have been paid out to you, and the reversal amount will be clawed back against subsequent commissions that you earn. For these types of "late" reversals, you will find the reversal amount in the list of Currently Outstanding commissions, and the corresponding original commission amount in the list of Paid commissions.

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