How do I create a Reddit application?

Please review the separate help page on why you need a Reddit application.

To create a Mastodon application, please follow the steps below:

  1. In SocialOomph, use Social Networks, Network Apps, Add New Network App, Add Reddit App in the menu.
  2. Open a new browser tab and log in to your profile at
  3. Then, in the browser address bar, type in and press Enter.
  4. Click Create Another App button.
  5. Do not change any other setting and do not put content into any other fields if we did not tell you to do so below.
  6. Fill out the Name, Description, and About URL fields with values of your choice.
  7. Ensure that the Web App radio button is selected.
  8. Enter in the Redirect URI field.
  9. Click the Create App button.
  10. Copy the alphanumeric text below the Web App heading and paste it into the SocialOomph Add Reddit App form.
  11. Copy the Secret and paste it into the SocialOomph Add Reddit App form.
  12. Fill out the rest of the Add Reddit App form and click the Save button.

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