How do I manage my Twitter following?

The following management feature helps you to review the people whom you are following on Twitter and to quickly decide whether you want to keep following them, unfollow them, or block them.

We also show you whether the person is following you back or not. (If the following back data looks incorrect, then refresh the following list.)

For people that are following you back, we pre-select the Keep & Hide radio button, and for people who are not following you back, we pre-select the Keep & Show radio button.

Twitter's rules require that you manually approve any unfollow, and in this tool you need to do that by manually selecting the Unfollow radio button on anyone you want to unfollow.

Selecting the Keep & Hide radio button hides that user from future displays of your following list. In other words, it could act as a white-list of people you want to continue following and don't even want to see in the following management tool in the future.

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